Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SisterChicks in wooden shoes

From the publisher...
A multi-tasking mama, Summer Finley has found ways to handle whatever life throws at her with grace and a grin. Until now, that is. An "abnormal" medical test result sends Summer into an emotional tailspin and prompts her to fulfill a life-long dream of "meeting" her best friend and pen pal since fourth grade, Noelle Van Zandt, face-to-face.

Their blissful week together in the Netherlands finds Summer and Noelle floating down a canal in Amsterdam, visiting Corrie Ten Boom’s Hiding Place, sipping decadent Dutch cocoa in Delft, and bobbing merrily along through a sea of brilliant, spring-fresh tulips. Each day takes them further from midlife anxiety and closer to trusting God in deeper ways.

When Summer finally confides in Noelle about the abnormal test results, Summer’s honesty prompts Noelle to share a long-held heartache. The two friends find they both needed to be together more than either of them realized. Could it be this adventure was tucked away in God’s imagination long before Summer bought her ticket to fly to the land of merry tulips and kalomping wooden shoes?
My review...
Summer and Noelle have been pen pals their entire lives, but they have never met face to face. When Summer receives a phone call from her doctor that has the potential to rearrange her well ordered world. Summer does something very out of character. She picks up the phone and books a ticket to fly to the Netherlands to finally meet her best friend and pen pal, Noelle. I love the encouragement her husband gives when she tells him that she is going! It reminded me of my husband.

After the relax and fall into the natural friendship which they have shared through childood, teenage angst, college years, getting married, children and daily lives. They spend one entire week getting to know each other's day to day personality. I would love to be able to visit the Corrie ten Boome home and experience what they experienced.

It took me a while to open this book...the two day's before it arrived were a wirlwind of emotions for me. A number of dear women in my life were told they have breast cancer. One of these women has the worst of the worst. When the book arrived I was so excited to read it. When I read the words written about Summer it stopped me in my tracks, almost too much to bear. I am a huge fan of the SisterChicks books and the Author, who I grew up reading...Gotta love Christy Miller:)
I would recommend this book to friends and family! I will be passing it on to my mom now!
*please note I was given this book in exchange for my honest reivew and opinion
288 pages Publisher: Multnomah Books; Original edition (May 5, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 1601420099 ISBN-13: 978-1601420091

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