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Cymbala's fourth book supports his thesis that God will favor those whose hearts are genuinely open to him. In six brief chapters, Cymbala alternates between biblical and contemporary stories many about his parishioners to illustrate simple, powerful messages about how people have succeeded and failed in efforts to live a blessed life. He does a fine job of making Old Testament stories accessible to a wide audience, and in doing so shows how kings such as Uzziah and Josiah interacted with God and reaped both blessings and sorrows, depending on the condition of their hearts and the choices they made. Mixed with these stories are snippets of information about the Brooklyn Tabernacle, Cymbala's astoundingly successful church, but for a fuller story of its humble beginnings and miraculous growth, readers would do better to read Cymbala's first three publications, as well as Carol Cymbala's book (reviewed below). Cymbala's tone is refreshingly earnest, and while he does not downplay God's ability and willingness to allow human suffering, he and Sorenson emphasize above all God's tenderness and deep love for everyone. Also admirable is the absence of vitriol in this book; Cymbala imitates the godly gentleness he extols and repeatedly warns against the pride and hardness of heart to which those who are blessed can fall prey. While some of Cymbala's rhetoric may superficially appear to echo the gospel of health and wealth, even the most cursory reading reveals that he speaks of blessings much less tangible and more enduring than money and material well-being.
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My thoughts...
This is a amazing book! Totally uplifting! Althought small and a fairly quick read it is like nothing I have ever read! The Life God Blesses is full of God wonderful blessings. Some of the stories Pastor Cymbala writes about just left my jaw dropped...all the while sitting in amazment of what our wonderful Lord can do! We have a wonderful, LOVING father who wants to show us. The Lord does great things every single day. After reading this book, I have such a fire for the Lord!
God is searching for people to bless. Find out how to have a heart that God cannot resist and you will become a channel of his blessing for your family, your church, and your world.

About Jim Cymbala:
Jim Cymbala has been the pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle for more than twenty-five years. He is also the author of the bestselling titles Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire;

Fresh Faith; Fresh Power; Breakthrough Prayer; The Life God Blesses; The Church God Blesses; and The Promise of God’s Power.

Publisher: Zondervan (September 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0310242029
ISBN-13: 978-0310242024 128 pages

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